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Bottled water vs tap water

Bottled water vs tap water Is it better for you, or just clever marketing? Getting people to buy bottled water when they can get water from the tap has been hailed as the marketing triumph of the century. So, why is bottled water so popular? After all, it’s no better at hydrating you than tap water, and it’s not any healthier either. So why are people paying almost 2000 times the price for bottled water? People make the assumption that bottled water is superior to tap water because companies use names and images that link purity and nature to bottled …

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Dental Surgery and Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. It’s a very exciting and nervous time for a new Mum. There are so many do’s and don’ts to worry about. So what about dental work and your oral health? Dental cleaning and check-ups are not only safe but recommended. The rise in an expecting Mum’s hormones during pregnancy causes the gums to swell, and trap food causing irritation, infections and bad breath. If you need cavity fillings or crowns, they should be treated to reduce the chance of infection. As long as the Mum is comfortable laying on her back for an extended period of …

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Welcoming our new staff members!

Fernando, Isabella & Kaitlyn. Lets start with Fernando. Fernando moved to Australia from Brazil in March last year. He has been working with us since September as a dental assistant. Before he moved to Australia he worked as a dentist doing a short course in implant dentistry and is now currently studying Marketing. Fernando likes to spend his spare time down at the beach surfing with his friends and also playing his acoustic guitar! Then there is Isabella. Isabella is also from Brazil, she moved to Australia in April last year and started working as a dental assistant with us in December. …

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Giving up the Dummy!

Parents with babies and toddlers will relate to dreading the time when the dummy needs to go. Chances are, a child will give up thier dummy eventually of their own accord. But that may be long after you really want them to, if you’re concerned about the possible implications, or by the looks they’re getting. The fact is, the dummy has to go at some point. And the sooner you try to lose it, the easier it is. Official advice varies, and even the experts cannot come to a united conclusion on the rights and wrongs of dummies. Dentists generally …

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Smile it’s good for you

SMILE…. ITS GOOD FOR YOU Have you ever wondered what happens when we smile??? Well, quite a few things actually… and they are all good things. If you are stressed or anxious, smiling can make you feel better as using the muscle to smile send a message to the brain that you are happy ( even if you don’t feel it) which in turn makes your heart rate and breathing slow down. Smiling makes you more attractive. When we have our photograph taken we are generally asked to smile as we look at our best when we smile. Remember that …

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I can hear a lion roar or is it just a snore?

Are you aware that you snore? Do you feel tired during the day? Does your snoring disturb others? Do you wake up feeling tired? Is your concentration lacking during the day? If you answered YES to one or more Snoring can be a big problem and potentially affect not just one persons health but others around them too. Fortunately with the aid of an oral “snoring device many areas of your life will benefit.of these questions then read on to find out how we can help… Snoring can be a big problem and potentially affect not just one persons health …

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