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Bleeding Gums

Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place. It’s typically caused by poor brushing and flossing habits that allow plaque—a sticky film of bacteria—to build up on the teeth and harden. It starts with swollen, red, and bleeding gums.
Most people don’t realise that the key to healthy gums, especially when inflamed and bleeding is to brush and floss diligently. A lot of people think that because there gums are bleeding they should avoid the swollen red areas, to give them time to heal. This is WRONG. It is incredibly crucial that now more than ever is the time to brush thoroughly.

Plaque starts growing at your gum line. You need to place the bristles of your brush on the gum and tooth margin and massage in circles.
The more you brush and floss your bleeding gums the sooner they will recover.

Remember healthy gums don’t bleed.

The other part of the equation is having regular check ups and cleans at your dentist, usually each 6 months. Even though you may be cleaning well, even the best can get a slight build up of plaque and calculus. If it is removed regularly, it helps keep the gums healthy.



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