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Giving up the Dummy!

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Parents with babies and toddlers will relate to dreading the time when the dummy needs to go.

Chances are, a child will give up thier dummy eventually of their own accord. But that may be long after you really want them to, if you’re concerned about the possible implications, or by the looks they’re getting. The fact is, the dummy has to go at some point. And the sooner you try to lose it, the easier it is.

Official advice varies, and even the experts cannot come to a united conclusion on the rights and wrongs of dummies. Dentists generally warn that too much dummy use, or thumb-sucking, could have a detrimental effect, but only on the secondary or adult teeth. They say that dummies may affect speech and language development, as they restrict tongue movement, and because the simple fact of having an object in the mouth limits the opportunities to practise talking.

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