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Not able to function properly because your teeth and gums are aching badly? In need of a consultation? Then please set an appointment with us at our nearest Spit Road Dental service area in Balmoral, we will strive to provide the best dental service possible for all our dental patients and we aim to ensure that their teeth are kept in the best condition and will last for a lifetime. Now you can work, and smile confidently with those fresh sparkly white teeth!

Cerec is a machine that we have used for more than ten years in our dental practice. This allows crowns to be created in just one appointment and offers a very high standard of aesthetics as well as fit. This saves everyone time, allows an extra injection, makes it easier to make crowns and onlays in one appointment.

We endeavor to provide the best and extraordinary service from the first appointment to future appointments. We only wish that every patient we meet receives professional local Dentist Balmoral that not only leaves them satisfied but pleased at the same time. We have placed our service area in near proximity to public transport areas and major shopping centers to provide convenient access to all. We hope to see you soon!

Our goal is to be your long-term companion in oral health care. Regular visits to the Balmoral Dentist will keep your teeth healthy. Our team is prepared to help you feel relaxed about getting a treatment. Regular checkups can reduce anxiety and help you to become familiar with our dentist Balmoral office.

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