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Welcoming our new staff members!

Fernando, Isabella & Kaitlyn.

Lets start with Fernando.

Fernando moved to Australia from Brazil in March last year. He has been working with us since September as a dental assistant. Before he moved to Australia he worked as a dentist doing a short course in implant dentistry and is now currently studying Marketing. Fernando likes to spend his spare time down at the beach surfing with his friends and also playing his acoustic guitar!

Then there is Isabella.

Isabella is also from Brazil, she moved to Australia in April last year and started working as a dental assistant with us in December. She studied dentistry for 2 years in Brazil and then she decided to come to Australia to study Music at Hillsong Leadership College. She loves singing spend time down at the beach and catching up with her friends.

Last of all there is Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn started working as a dental assistant in August last year and joined us in February after moving to Manly with her partner Brad. She loves spending time down at the beach with him and their little 6 month old French bulldog Franky (Who they absolutely adore!!) She also enjoys catching up with her family and friends over a nice dinner and spending time in the sun.

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