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Why Fluoride Is Important For Your Teeth

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Fluoride is a mineral found in food, water, plants and toothpaste. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water helps to protect teeth against decay.

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in rock, air, soil, plants and water. All fresh and sea water contains some fluoride.

Many foods and drinks naturally contain fluoride. It is also added to:

  • Drinking water, where fluoride is added to the local water supply
  • Fluoride toothpastes, gels and mouth rinses

      Fluoride is helpful because it:

  • Helps protect against tooth decay in children and adults
  • Repairs weak spots that could become cavities on the surface of the tooth
  • Reduces the amount of money people need to spend on dental treatment

Tooth decay occurs when acid attacks the surface of the tooth. Fluoride helps repair any damage before it becomes serious. A constant low-level supply of fluoride is best for this. Fluoride in your drinking water is like a constant ‘repair kit’ for your teeth.

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