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Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth Sensitivity
Sensitivity is not a pleasant experience!

Some people suffer sensitive teeth from brushing too hard. Using a hard toothbrush or brushing your teeth aggressively could lead to the enamel on your teeth becoming worn, causing your tooth some sensitivity. 
Tip: Use a soft toothbrush head and brush in a gentle circular motion to try and avoid sensitivity.

Drinking or eating highly acidic foods, such as, sugary sweets, strawberries, energy drinks and flavoured waters, causes tooth erosion which is a loss of a tooth structure. Again, this leads to sensitivity in the teeth.

Tooth decay, broken teeth or damaged fillings expose a part of your tooth called the dentine. When this becomes exposed it can be extremely sensitive to lots of things. 
That is why it is so important to attend your regular dental check-ups in order for the dentist to try and catch these problems early for you.

There are many things which may help sensitivity such as using sensitive toothpaste. Using the toothpaste after a few applications sometimes decreases the level of sensitive pain.

Reducing your intake of highly-acidic food and drinks.

Trying to avoid grinding your teeth if you are aware of doing this. Mouth guards can be made by their dentist for people who  grind their teeth  to help reduce any wear on your teeth that could lead to sensitivity.



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