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Tooth Grinding

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Tooth Grinding
Do you wake up in the morning or through the night with a sore jaw, sore teeth or a slight headache?
You could be grinding your teeth!!!
Bruxism or teeth grinding as it is more commonly known, can cause damage to your teeth and other problems with your oral health if it is something you find yourself doing on a regular basis.

Teeth grinding mostly occurs when you are asleep. It can be caused during times of stress or if you are anxious about something. For example, people who are studying or have important exams may grind their teeth at night more often.
Of course, it is difficult to know if you are grinding your teeth as it happens when you are sleeping. However, a headache or jaw pain when you wake up can occur if you have been grinding. Your teeth may also begin to have some wear on them from grinding.

Your dentist is able to construct a splint for your teeth to help you stop damaging your teeth at night. Splints provide a layer of support between your upper and lower teeth which protects the jaw muscles from the tensions that occur during teeth grinding. Dental splints can be made to fit your mouth comfortably, however, they still provide enough cushioning to protect your teeth, support the jaw and prevent the discomfort of facial aches



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