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Tips on looking after your teeth over Christmas!

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Christmas for most people is a time to overindulge. We don’t want to stop your fun, we just want to give you a few tips and tricks to help your teeth be their best in all your Christmas photos (And to not need a trip to the dentist when you should be unwrapping your presents and singing carols!).

Don’t ditch your routine!
Make sure you don’t get too caught up in all the excitement that you forget to brush and floss, its only two minutes away from the fun after all!

Say Cheese!
I am sure many people will be happy to hear that cheese is great for your teeth. It helps fight tooth decay by restoring your mouth back to its natural pH levels after acid attacks. So, after your big main meals, feel free to bring out the cheese boards!

Use the bottle opener!
Enamel may be the strongest part of the human body, but teeth are NOT made for cracking open beers. Teeth are not tools and using them for opening bottles etc, does harm to them. If you don’t have a bottle opener… Put it on your Christmas wish list!

Frequency not quantity!
It is fine to have sugar sometimes, but not constantly as our mouths need a rest. Try to reduce the frequency that you are eating sugary foods, have them with meals, or all at once instead of spreading them out throughout the day (I’m not saying to eat all the Quality Street in one sitting…)

Be Merry!
Have a great Christmas and make sure to see us in the New Year!
Merry Christmas from all at Spit Road! J

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