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I think we can all safely say that we put off things that we don’t enjoy and even though our team here at Spit Road Dental are fabulous, we understand that most of you don’t jump at the chance to be here.

Regular checks are so important for all ages… ranging from the youngest, to familiarise them with our rooms, the teenage to make sure they are brushing and looking after all the new teeth that are emerging, the young adults to check that they are not neglecting their teeth and gums, adults, to carry on ongoing maintenance and preserve  the foundations and the elderly to keep them free from decay and check any prosthetic work.

The months fly by and before you know it its been well over the recommend (for most) 6 month period for your dental check up. It’s easy to overlook these important appointments so this is why we offer a recall system. When you are due to come in and see us you will receive a SMS, email or a phone call (or all three!) Patients find this service very helpful. So be sure to update your contact details with us if you’ve had any changes!

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