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How to pack a tooth friendly lunch box!

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You are what you eat. The age old saying! But what we eat isn’t only important for our general health; it is directly related with our oral health. So, what a child eats is even more important, as they are still growing and developing.
If your child has a packed lunch, here are some things to add to the lunch box to ensure healthy bodies, brains and teeth
Say Cheese!
Did you know that calcium helps to make our teeth and jaw bone strong? Chop up cheese chunks for fun bite-sized snacks and a carton of milk. 
Get Fruity!
Vitamin C is important for the immune system and general health, but also – gums! Orange segments and red peppers cut into fingers are great lunch box treats. 
Chew-s Wisely!
The more you chew the more saliva you produce. Saliva is important as it keeps our teeth healthy and helps to neutralise the mouth. Foods like carrots and celery are great for lunchboxes because they’re so crunchy—leading your child to chew more.

Say no to the juice!
Juice is packed with sugar which of course is not good for the teeth. Instead, give your children a water bottle or milk. Water is great for hydrating and general health, as well as rinsing away debris which keeps teeth cleaner. Milk is of course filled with calcium which is essential for healthy bones and teeth, as mentioned previously!

Think ahead!
Instead of running around like a headless chicken before the school run, make the lunches the night before, get your children involved so they know the importance of healthy foods and why making healthy choices is important.  Of course you could also use these ideas for picnics or just lunch at home, not just for the school pack up!
Happy Chomping! J

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