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 A crown or tooth-shaped cap is a type of dental restoration which completely covers an entire tooth.

Crowns can be used on any teeth including, front teeth and molars, either primary or secondary teeth.

Times when a crown may be required includes:

 The tooth has extensive decay
 A filling would be too large, making the tooth weak and more likely to break
 Restoring a dental implant
 Aesthetic purposes
 A tooth is considered weak because it has undergone root canal treatment or did not develop properly
 A severely broken tooth where a normal filling will not be successful

It usually takes a few appointments in order for the crown to process to be completed. At the first appointment the tooth requiring the crown will be prepared into the shape needed to hold the crown in place, a few dental impressions will then be taken of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. These impressions are then usually sent to a dental lab where they will construct the crown to fit around the tooth. It can take about a week for this to be done.
The second appointment would be to have the crown fitted using dental cement which helps bond the crown to the tooth.

Some dentists use a special machine which can make the crown for them in their dental practice, therefore, you would only require one, longer appointment to have the tooth prepared and the crown fitted on the same day.

There are a large variety of different materials used to make dental crowns. Your dentist will advise you of which material is used in his practice and the benefits it will have for your tooth.

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