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Bad habits that are ruining your teeth

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  • Chewing on ice – It’s natural and sugar free so you might think chewing on ice is harmless. But eating hard, frozen cubes of ice can chip or even crack your teeth.
  • Not wearing a mouth guard while playing sport – Wearing a mouth guard while playing a contact sport could save your teeth from being chipped or even knocked out. They can be purchased from a chemist or made by your dentist.
  • Bedtime bottles – By giving your baby a bedtime bottle of milk, juice or  formula, can put new teeth on the path to decay. The baby may get use to falling asleep with the bottle in their mouth, bathing the teeth in sugars overnight.
  • Oral piercings – Biting down on a metal tongue piercing can crack or chip a tooth. Lip piercings also cause a risk as the metal rubs along the gum line causing damage, which can then lead to tooth loss.
  • Grinding teeth – Even though you might not know you’re doing it, grinding can be caused by stress. Wearing a splint to bed at night can prevent further damage to your teeth.
  • Cough drops – Most drops are loaded with sugar so be sure to brush after eating one.
  • Soft drinks and sport drinks- Are full of sugar and acid that eat away at your tooth enamel. 
  • Opening things with your teeth – Using your teeth as a tool can cause them to crack or chip. Your teeth should only be used for eating.
  • Fruit juice – Some fruit juices can have as much added sugar in them as soft drinks. Make sure to always read the label.
  • Smoking – Can cause cancer in your mouth, stain your teeth and even cause gum disease which leads to tooth loss.

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