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4 Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

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Do you ever get a jolt of pain when eating something hot or drinking something cold? Sensitive teeth may affect your quality of life, preventing you from enjoying your favourite foods and drinks. Discomfort from sensitive teeth may come and go, lets talk about why!

Exposed root surfaces

Many things may cause your root surface to be exposed, and when it happens your teeth may become sensitive! People with gum disease usually experience gum recession. As gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, the tooth root is exposed. Your root does not have that protective layer of enamel, causing all your nerve endings to be exposed to things like cold ice cream and hot lattes. Sadly, you cant regrow your gums so once your root is exposed its exposed for good.

Brushing too hard

Your gums have a mind of their own and if you are rough on them they will run away from you! But seriously, you can actually brush your gums away, causing root exposure which you now know is sensitivity central! When the root is exposed from excessive brushing a deeper notch may form if you continue to brush hard.

Grinding teeth

Have you ever woken up with sore jaw muscles or headaches? You might be grinding your teeth! Constant pressure throughout the night can cause sensitive teeth. An easy way to keep your tooth grinding under control is to wear a splint to bed. They are made to fit your teeth perfectly and take the pressure off your teeth so you can sleep comfortably.

Post dental treatment

If you’ve ever had dental work done you may have experienced some sensitivity after the filling or crown was done. This sensitivity is usually temporary, just your mouth getting used to a new foreign object, and the sensitivity will subside.

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